Beauty at the Modernism Show

A few months ago, I visited the Modernism Design Fair at the New York Armory.  Thanks to two Davidson friends: Lori  was working at the David Weiss booth, showing beautiful jewelry and tables with intricate inlays.  She arranged the tickets for Jessica and me.  

Jessica and I wandered around for a couple of hours, fantasizing about furniture, jewelry, paintings….

Some highlights–artists and/or pieces:

  • Catherine Zimmerman-her abstract watercolors could translate into interesting textile designs

    Catherine Zimmerman, Untitled, 1966

    Catherine Zimmerman, Untitled, 1966

  • Libro-Chair by Gruppo Dam–So cool…composed of wedges that can be flipped from one side to the other individually to change the angle and direction of the chair.

    Libro-chair by Gruppo Dam

    Libro-chair by Gruppo Dam

  • Witold Gordon’s mini storefront paintings–Jessica fell in love with these.  They are really charming.  Each one was about 5″x8″.  It turns out he did some New Yorker covers…if his style looks familiar that’s probably why.

    Witold Gordon, New York City Storefront

    Witold Gordon, New York City Storefront

There was a ton of bold jewelry that we loved.  Some cuff bracelets by Missoni (I think) that were made of thin cords like tassels.

There was an amazing hand-made dollhouse with removable roof and walls that allowed easy access for playing.  It was perfect! all the furniture and decor was 50’s style.  everything down to the curtains.  50’s textiles and colors.  LOVED IT!!!  so did everyone else there;-) i’m sure that got snatched up.  

Fun fun fun show!


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