Kathmandu Video


Prayer Flags at Nagarkot

Prayer Flags at Nagarkot


As many of you know, I recently spent 2 and a half weeks in Kathmandu, Nepal on a business trip.  It was a successful trip, although difficult in many ways.  I stayed at the Hyatt in Kathmandu and had a beautiful view of the Boudhanath Stupa from my window.  I got to site see one day and visited the temple to Shiva, where many Hindus are cremated along the river there; I also went to Nagarkot, in the hills outside of Kathmandu, and got to see some of the countryside and hillcountry.  I’ve posted photos online on facebook:


Kathmandu Photos

Nagarkot Photos


I also took some video as I was riding in the car.  It shows a snippit of the street-life in Kathmandu.  I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you’re prone to motion sickness, you might not want to watch.

Video from Car Ride in Kathmandu


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