Back 40…homerun

Caroline gave a great review of a restaurant in Alphabet City  (Ave B x 12th St) called The Back 40, so last night we gave it a try.  WOW! I can still taste the pork jowl nuggets in jalapeno jam.  melt in your mouth!  The atmosphere is like a rustic farmhouse. rough hewn tables and chairs, wood panelled walls, dim warm lighting.  another treat was the order of freshly made doughnuts drizzled in a little bit of icing.  As we finished our meal, two of the wait staff walked out of the kitchen carrying a whole suckling pig on a board.  They made a tour of the restaurant and then carried it back into the kitchen and sliced it up.  That was a bit unnerving.   Other than that, a wonderfully pleasant, delicious meal.  Thanks, Caroline!


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