Museum of Art & Design

On Thursday, Caroline and I caught up and visited the new Museum of Art and Design  at Columbus Circle.  Fortuitously, it was the “pay what you want night” there.  So we lined up with about 50 other people, threw in 5 bucks, and explored the floors.   This museum houses mostly objects. There are very few 2-dimensional works here….which is fine with me.  Jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, textile art, basket weaving, works made from reclaimed objects.  My favorite piece was actually a series by Yuken Teruya called Notice-Forest Series.  

Teruya Notice-Forest

Teruya Notice-Forest

Please visit the site and click on the image for a slide show.  It was such a magical little world in these paper bags! Amazing. beautiful.  I would say “simple” except that each individual little leaf seams to be cut out with painstaking detail.  

About two years ago I made a little beaded tree in a pimento jar. pimento treeAfter seeing Notice-Forest I want to make more of these, maybe more extensive worlds in jars…I’ll keep you posted.


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