jay st. edition 1

I spent almost all of last weekend making my first ‘zine.  It’s called “Jay St.”  Jay Street-Borough Hall is a stop on the NY subway. I transfer there from the A/C/E & other trains to get on the F train to go home, and it seems like i get stuck there at 2:30 am on weekend nights quite frequently.  Sometimes it’s hard to carry a book in a “going-out” purse, so i decided to make a small ‘zine with activities to occupy the wait time at Jay St.  Edition #1 has a crossword, 2 sudokus, 8 riddles, a wooly willy page, a game of mash, a list of free museums in NY, a subway map (so small i’m not sure it’s useful) and a cover page with original artwork by yours truly.

Jay St. cover art

Jay St. cover art

 I made a small batch just to test it out.  If you’d like your own copy please email me at joym.olson at gmail dot com.  I’d love to make you one!  Ideally I would give them to a bunch of people stuck on the Jay St. platform at 2 am in the morning, they would readily accept them and hilarity would ensue with drunk people engaging each other in M.A.S.H. games and crossword puzzles. oh what a fantasy.


One thought on “jay st. edition 1

  1. I love my Jay St. zine!!! One day soon, your fantasy about being stuck at Jay St. at 2 am will come true — whether you’ll remember to bring some zines to hand out is another question….

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