Local Craft Spot

Yesterday I realized that I needed some supplies for a skirt i’m working on.  I went to a local “fibers” store that i’d seen but never been in.  As it is with most of these stores, the products are more geared toward craft than fashion.  I mean there’s ALOT of fabric, but really it’s all for quilting.  It’s all beautiful little prints on cotton.  Just not what you’d call “fashion fabric”.  The other supplies are geared toward knitting, felting, beading, and kids craft kits.  It’s an adorable little shop and i’m glad it’s there, but I just wish there were more little “fashion fabric” stores around.  i’m lucky that in new york we have the garment district with tons of fabric stores, including Mood and M&J trimming (these stores are retail-friendly).  But sometimes I don’t feel like making the trip to the garment district.  

I just want a little corner store with basic notions (elastic, binding tape, zippers) 6 different types of interfacing, muslin, lining fabric in 4 shades, and then really good quality wovens and knits of different weights in solid colors.  once you start talking about prints, the inventory could get out of hand.  

When i was studying at SAIC, the only convenient fabric store was on the ground floor of our school building.  We called the guy “The Fabric Nazi.” He had a major attitude, unless he really liked you.  He also had crap fabric and would rip you off every time (yea right, that’s 100% wool…).  I was sort of lucky because the guy liked me, but he would still try to rip me off.  So i would get ripped off with a smile…how nice.  In my dream world I would buy his space and set it up with the inventory i mentioned above.  Do the basics that fashion students need, and do them well.  It’s like In-N-Out. they only do burgers, fries and shakes, but they do them damn well.

Also…I have an assumption when it comes to sewing/crafting/knitting stores.  I assume that when i walk in, I will be greeted by a kind, cheerful woman who is basically the personification of mother earth.  her main goal in life is to make sure i am creatively fulfilled.  It’s a nice dream, and sometimes you find a magical store like that (Brooklyn General is a good one).  Yesterday at the shop, the woman was polite enough, but a bit short with me.  I realized, her main goal is actually to make a living, and she’s having a hard time of it, like everyone else.


2 thoughts on “Local Craft Spot

  1. Hey! I’ve got an alternative to your perfect corner fabric store where you are the only customer and they treat you pretty nice – http://www.fabric.com . I’ve had 2 good experiences with them so far and they are pretty fast at shipping. And if you order enough (I think it’s $75), shipping is free. It’s not the same as touching and feeling and seeing the quality of the weave. But it’s a good alternative when you know the maker (like Michael Miller or Amy Butler, etc) and you know their quality, etc. For solids…that might be a bit trickier. And, of course, JoAnn and Hancocks also have sites plus they usually have a 40% coupon online. Good Luck and boo-hiss to the fabric nazis everywhere (and there are a lot of them, too!).

  2. Thanks, Christie! Thanks to you I just checked out the website for the first time. you can even get swatches for some of their fabrics.

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