a good day (part two)…Spacecraft

So, Sunday I had a wonderful tea with Jessica, did some shopping, and then I wanted to head over to Williamsburg. We had dinner plans with Laura and Jesse (old friends from our Baltimore days). I wrestled with the subway and finally got over to Williamsburg early enough to go to Spacecraft before dinner.  Spacecraft is this awesome retail and craft space that Caroline’s friend, Stella, co-owns with her friend Christina. It’s really awesome!  Not only can you buy craft supplies, you can walk in any time they’re open and pick from a menu of crafts and MAKE SOMETHING.  When I was there a guy had come in and made a rubber stamp of his initals. And it looked awesome!  I picked out an embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching, a hanky and a little embroidery hoop.

Spacecraft really makes me excited because I think it’s going to succeed and also because it’s this spur-of-the-moment creativity that it allows for. When I lived in San Francisco I worked for awhile at a shop in Berkeley called Castle In the Air. It was a delightful place with lots of stationery, ink, notebooks, and a studio area upstairs for classes. They still have classes there-bookbinding, card-making, etc.  But those were scheduled classes that people signed up for in advance. I like the idea of just wandering into spacecraft and deciding on a whim what i’d like to make, what materials i’d like to work with.


One thought on “a good day (part two)…Spacecraft

  1. What a great idea. Actually, after reading your entry, what an AWESOME idea! :) Love the hankie, too. And can’t wait to see that studio live and in person. And, and, did you see that there is a “Fashion in Felt” exhibit coming to Cooper-Hewitt at the end of this week??

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