Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

So, I finally finished the first prototype of the Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet.  I mentioned seeing something like it at the Modernism show here. TaDa!!!

  Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

(don’t look to closely at the wrist. it’s not mine and I photoshopped it to work w/ the cuff, so it’s a bit creepy.) 

It was a learning experience. Why are the simplest-looking things always the most difficult to do?

I figured out a technique to get all the tassle cords lined up and the same length, but it was all sewn by hand, which took forever. So I need to figure out how to do this on the machine. I think the solution is going to involve double-sided tape, although I read something today about a wash-away fixative strip or something like that that could be good.  

Also, when I finished the cuff, it was too narrow to actually put over my hand.   So I decided to put snaps on it, so it could open up, but then it was too tight to stay snapped on my wrist.  basically i have to add an inch or so to the circumference. 

But I think I might take it in a new direction now, actually. After looking around at people’s couture etsy site I saw these glove-lettes.

I’m thinking I might make some glove-lettes that are mostly open in the back, but with the tassle cord detail there.  I’ll keep you posted!


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