Running Revival…Blogging Revival

So I’m going to try to jumpstart this blog back up.  I think I need to do a short post daily, otherwise this isn’t going to work, so look for a paragraph or a picture each day….

I also jumpstarted my running routine back up today.  I’ve only gone running once since coming back from burning man 3 weeks ago.  Tonight was the perfect night for it.  About 70 degrees.  I headed out about a quarter to 7 and sunset was well on its way.  But I knew there would be plenty of other people on my schedule taking advantage of Prospect Park.  And even though by the time I finished my loop around the park it was dark twilight, there were plenty of people walking, jogging, biking, gathering.  It was a great feeling to be able to enjoy that beautiful time of night alone pushing myself, but also surrounded by enough people to feel safe.  Everyone could tell it was the last bit of summer before the fall. Everyone wanted to enjoy that last warm breezy evening at the park.


2 thoughts on “Running Revival…Blogging Revival

  1. Yea! It’s fun to “see” you again :). May the force be with you on your resolutions! I, too, am blog posting challenged. I’m not even going to mention the running thing… XO

  2. Thanks for the support! I think for me the blogging has to be an “all in” thing. If I don’t do it every day, I won’t do it at all. Your blog looks great….the sculpture fair was really fun to see.

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