My plan is to not have a plan

My adolescence was filled with scheduled activities.  I went to a small school: If I wanted to play a sport I was on the team…self-selection.  Year-round, I went to school, went to practice, did homework, went to bed. I thrived on that schedule, at least academically.  Now, as an adult, I’m still enjoying the novelty of not having daily/weekly commitments.  I finish work at 5. If I want to work out I can. If i want to veg out I can.  Lately I’ve been wondering if I should create for myself a more disciplined regimen, similar to my high school experience. For example: monday evenings-hooping  class, tuesday evenings-a foreign film at a theater, wednesday evenings-volunteering with NY cares, thursday evenings-cooking at home, friday through sunday-weekend events.

This weekend brought to light for me the wonderful blessings of spontaneity though.  The following are things I did this weekend that were done within 4 hours of notice: happy hour with my wonderful coworker on friday night, viewing “coco before chanel” with a great group of girlfriends, a lovely chat with my mother on the phone, and drinks with my cousin (in-law) in the hood at Bar Reiss.  All delightful.  None planned.  lovely.  So maybe I discipline myself one or two nights a week, and leave the rest open to chance?


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