Bois de Bologne

Tuesday was finally beautiful weather in Paris.  We decided to visit the Bois de Bologne and take advantage of the sunshine.  I’d wanted to visit the Bois de Bologne when I was studying abroad here 10 years ago, but my host family immediately said, “No. that’s where the prostitutes are.”  and, thus…. I didn’t go to the Bois de Bologne while I was a student here.

Johno and I decided to visit (in the bright daytime!).  I was a bit wary and we definitely saw some creepy guys by themselves creeping around when we first entered the park (some areas are really like a forest–not tended), but once we got to the more populated, groomed areas,  it wasn’t creepy at all.  I don’t know that I would go by myself, but with another person it’s fine.  The flickr set shows some beautiful pics of us in the Jardin Pre-Catalan.  There are beautiful lawns there with patches of tulips and daffodils.  Apparently, at one time one could go there to drink milk fresh from the dairy and enjoy a play at the theater.  We walked around and rested for a bit under a tree.  It was great.


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