Independent Errands

John started his intensive language class today, so it was my first day on my own in Paris.  I was nervous about it. I knew I needed to get out of the house in order to stay sane and I did want to buy some odds and ends.  It’s always good for me to have specific goals/errands in mind when getting acquainted with a city.  I can wander once I’m a little more comfortable.  One of the biggest challenges for me in Paris right now is total disorientation.  Forget the lovely grid system of manhattan and Park Slope.  Here, streets are rarely at right angles, boulevards change names, alleyways are streets, and I have no idea which way is up.  So I spent alot of today just trying to keep in mind where I was relative to my apartment.  And I made it back home without consulting the map at all!

1) toiletries at monoprix.  The pharmacies here really seem to cater to women.  You walk in and you’re in a seafoam-green and white, calm environment with every kind of facial wash imaginable.
2) groceries at franprix.  not very exciting…cereal, yogurt, milk, wine.  I am still pretty excited about the yogurt here b/c it’s definitely richer than in the U.S.  Activia is everywhere here and every time I see it I think of this SNL sketch.  Needless to say, I do not buy Activia anywhere.
3) fresh 4-cheese gnocchi and parmesan at the italian pasta shop.  The woman who helped me gave me advice on preparation. 2-3 mins. in the water, then a little sauce of butter and parmesan, being careful not to burn the butter.  my first french cooking lesson.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to a market to buy some fresh fish and veggies.  Today I was a little late for that.  The markets (like farmers markets…outdoors stands)  close arond 1:30 pm.  So I’ll have a reason to get out the door early tomorrow.


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