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Thanks to Lindsay Olson and Sophie Locker for being my fabulous models!

Blue Candy Coin Purse

Blue Candy Coin Purse


Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

So, I finally finished the first prototype of the Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet.  I mentioned seeing something like it at the Modernism show here. TaDa!!!

  Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

(don’t look to closely at the wrist. it’s not mine and I photoshopped it to work w/ the cuff, so it’s a bit creepy.) 

It was a learning experience. Why are the simplest-looking things always the most difficult to do?

I figured out a technique to get all the tassle cords lined up and the same length, but it was all sewn by hand, which took forever. So I need to figure out how to do this on the machine. I think the solution is going to involve double-sided tape, although I read something today about a wash-away fixative strip or something like that that could be good.  

Also, when I finished the cuff, it was too narrow to actually put over my hand.   So I decided to put snaps on it, so it could open up, but then it was too tight to stay snapped on my wrist.  basically i have to add an inch or so to the circumference. 

But I think I might take it in a new direction now, actually. After looking around at people’s couture etsy site I saw these glove-lettes.

I’m thinking I might make some glove-lettes that are mostly open in the back, but with the tassle cord detail there.  I’ll keep you posted!

Magic Cottage Hanky

Magic Cottage HankyLast weekend I blogged about going to Spacecraft.  A week later, I’ve completed my project! Talk about a fast, cheap one.  The pack of stitching patterns I picked up was $4.50.  There are about 10 different patterns and they can all be reused up to 8 times.  Awesome! And I had fun making this.  Check out Sublime Stitching for patterns and customer creations.

Go Clean Your Room!

Yesterday was my first full friday at home since being cut to 4 days a week.  I had a project in mind, but i realized that my studio was too messy for me to use, so i ended up spending the majority of the day cleaning it.  This meant going through bags and boxes of “memories” and swatches from art school.  i edited the swatches, and did discover that i had gotten better as i went on in school. the swatches from my first year were questionable and the swatches from my third year were alot more exciting. so that was a gratifying experience. i ended up throwing away alot of the “first year” swatches.  Here are a couple of photos of my studio now. believe it or not, this is much cleaner and straighter than it was. Sorry, didn’t plan ahead enough to take “before” pictures. you only get “afters”
Studio East

Studio West
a side note: as often happens in older apartments/homes, the floor is not quite level, so my roll-y chair tends to lilt south.