Impasse Mousset

Friday I had a bureaucratic errand to run in the 12th arrondissement.  It took less time than I’d foreseen (mostly because I wasn’t prepared enough to actually do anything…take 2!), so when I left the office I  felt like wandering around the neighborhood a little.  It was clear and sunny, although pretty cold.  I stumbled upon an charming looking alleyway, which I later researched and found to be called Impasse Mousset.  Some of the buildings were residences, some were printing or design firms.  Here are some highlights.


Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

So, I finally finished the first prototype of the Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet.  I mentioned seeing something like it at the Modernism show here. TaDa!!!

  Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

Tassle Cord Cuff Bracelet

(don’t look to closely at the wrist. it’s not mine and I photoshopped it to work w/ the cuff, so it’s a bit creepy.) 

It was a learning experience. Why are the simplest-looking things always the most difficult to do?

I figured out a technique to get all the tassle cords lined up and the same length, but it was all sewn by hand, which took forever. So I need to figure out how to do this on the machine. I think the solution is going to involve double-sided tape, although I read something today about a wash-away fixative strip or something like that that could be good.  

Also, when I finished the cuff, it was too narrow to actually put over my hand.   So I decided to put snaps on it, so it could open up, but then it was too tight to stay snapped on my wrist.  basically i have to add an inch or so to the circumference. 

But I think I might take it in a new direction now, actually. After looking around at people’s couture etsy site I saw these glove-lettes.

I’m thinking I might make some glove-lettes that are mostly open in the back, but with the tassle cord detail there.  I’ll keep you posted!

a good day (part two)…Spacecraft

So, Sunday I had a wonderful tea with Jessica, did some shopping, and then I wanted to head over to Williamsburg. We had dinner plans with Laura and Jesse (old friends from our Baltimore days). I wrestled with the subway and finally got over to Williamsburg early enough to go to Spacecraft before dinner.  Spacecraft is this awesome retail and craft space that Caroline’s friend, Stella, co-owns with her friend Christina. It’s really awesome!  Not only can you buy craft supplies, you can walk in any time they’re open and pick from a menu of crafts and MAKE SOMETHING.  When I was there a guy had come in and made a rubber stamp of his initals. And it looked awesome!  I picked out an embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching, a hanky and a little embroidery hoop.

Spacecraft really makes me excited because I think it’s going to succeed and also because it’s this spur-of-the-moment creativity that it allows for. When I lived in San Francisco I worked for awhile at a shop in Berkeley called Castle In the Air. It was a delightful place with lots of stationery, ink, notebooks, and a studio area upstairs for classes. They still have classes there-bookbinding, card-making, etc.  But those were scheduled classes that people signed up for in advance. I like the idea of just wandering into spacecraft and deciding on a whim what i’d like to make, what materials i’d like to work with.

Go Clean Your Room!

Yesterday was my first full friday at home since being cut to 4 days a week.  I had a project in mind, but i realized that my studio was too messy for me to use, so i ended up spending the majority of the day cleaning it.  This meant going through bags and boxes of “memories” and swatches from art school.  i edited the swatches, and did discover that i had gotten better as i went on in school. the swatches from my first year were questionable and the swatches from my third year were alot more exciting. so that was a gratifying experience. i ended up throwing away alot of the “first year” swatches.  Here are a couple of photos of my studio now. believe it or not, this is much cleaner and straighter than it was. Sorry, didn’t plan ahead enough to take “before” pictures. you only get “afters”
Studio East

Studio West
a side note: as often happens in older apartments/homes, the floor is not quite level, so my roll-y chair tends to lilt south.

Museum of Art & Design

On Thursday, Caroline and I caught up and visited the new Museum of Art and Design  at Columbus Circle.  Fortuitously, it was the “pay what you want night” there.  So we lined up with about 50 other people, threw in 5 bucks, and explored the floors.   This museum houses mostly objects. There are very few 2-dimensional works here….which is fine with me.  Jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, textile art, basket weaving, works made from reclaimed objects.  My favorite piece was actually a series by Yuken Teruya called Notice-Forest Series.  

Teruya Notice-Forest

Teruya Notice-Forest

Please visit the site and click on the image for a slide show.  It was such a magical little world in these paper bags! Amazing. beautiful.  I would say “simple” except that each individual little leaf seams to be cut out with painstaking detail.  

About two years ago I made a little beaded tree in a pimento jar. pimento treeAfter seeing Notice-Forest I want to make more of these, maybe more extensive worlds in jars…I’ll keep you posted.

Beauty at the Modernism Show

A few months ago, I visited the Modernism Design Fair at the New York Armory.  Thanks to two Davidson friends: Lori  was working at the David Weiss booth, showing beautiful jewelry and tables with intricate inlays.  She arranged the tickets for Jessica and me.  

Jessica and I wandered around for a couple of hours, fantasizing about furniture, jewelry, paintings….

Some highlights–artists and/or pieces:

  • Catherine Zimmerman-her abstract watercolors could translate into interesting textile designs

    Catherine Zimmerman, Untitled, 1966

    Catherine Zimmerman, Untitled, 1966

  • Libro-Chair by Gruppo Dam–So cool…composed of wedges that can be flipped from one side to the other individually to change the angle and direction of the chair.

    Libro-chair by Gruppo Dam

    Libro-chair by Gruppo Dam

  • Witold Gordon’s mini storefront paintings–Jessica fell in love with these.  They are really charming.  Each one was about 5″x8″.  It turns out he did some New Yorker covers…if his style looks familiar that’s probably why.

    Witold Gordon, New York City Storefront

    Witold Gordon, New York City Storefront

There was a ton of bold jewelry that we loved.  Some cuff bracelets by Missoni (I think) that were made of thin cords like tassels.

There was an amazing hand-made dollhouse with removable roof and walls that allowed easy access for playing.  It was perfect! all the furniture and decor was 50’s style.  everything down to the curtains.  50’s textiles and colors.  LOVED IT!!!  so did everyone else there;-) i’m sure that got snatched up.  

Fun fun fun show!